Answering a request for assistance

This is in reply to alexandrakher’s post under Everything Else for help with a military logo. Thank you to deirdabeth for also offering to clean up my “attempt”. Like I said, I am still learning Inkscape so I had to use engrave and score once the design was uploaded to GF interface and yes, I know it needs more work but hey that’s the result after 30 minutes. :upside_down_face:
But at least it is a start. (Now fingers crossed I uploaded it correctly.
With all the talented people in the community I know there is someone who may also be willing to offer assistance with tweaking the design so I am sharing the improvised design with everyone.
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Absolutely fabulous :slight_smile: I hope when you compare yours and mine you’ll see the little things I did to make it go more smoothly into the GFUI.


That’s wonderful! Since this section is only for pieces of your own creation, I’m going to move this to Everything Else. If the original artist is OK with it we can move it back here.

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