Any Adafruit experienced users?

I’ll add my two cents, even though this topic is already full of loose change.

If it were me, I wouldn’t use a servo. Is that actually a mechanical button? It looks almost like a capacitive sensor. If it’s a membrane, I have my doubts that a servo would actuate it reliably. If you had to use something mechanical, and you have the power available, a solenoid plunger seems like a better choice. Like a pinball bumper. You could put something on the end that would make solid contact.

But I would’t do that either. It looks like there’s a connector at the bottom between the coiled cable and the ribbon cable. I’d make up a wiring harness that passes the original signal through but tees off a second cable that goes to my receiver and activates the same signal electronically. Probably just needs one transistor to pull it down. But I’m weirdly more comfortable messing with wiring than trying to mount a mechanical button-pusher to the frame.


Heck, get good pics of the connector, and any number of us electronics geeks would be happy to source and make up a new harness that snaps in between - assuming it is just a simple switch.


Good point, although it’d be a hard to do without buzzing out the wiring to figure out which pins are which. There appear to be several buttons on there.

Who makes the lock unit?

I’d be happy to reach out and see if they would share info on the wiring, connector, and what would be required to make this work.


Great use of the forum environment here guys. This is what it is meant to be! :+1:


4 wire molex type connector

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Good point, will need to test with a blunt point to see how much pressure is needed.

So, apparently the technicians at the mobiltyworks where I had this installed were mis-informed. I found this, which may work and solve all my problems.


Seamlessly pairs with your new or existing QLK-150 docking system.

Eliminates the reach to the dash for drivers with limited mobility.
Key fob remote can be easily clipped to your key ring or mobility device.
Operator can release a passenger from outside of the vehicle.

When I had asked them if something like this existed, they said no, for safety reasons it had to be manual. ugh. I’ll call tomorrow and find out. I really appreciate everyone jumping in on this to help. Very much appreciated!!!


lol, that’s awesome. I hope it works as it should!


Just got the quote for the keyfob remote. $402. Pricey!

Ugh… I thought you meant you already had it, and just found the remote.

Talk about taking advantage.

Unfortunately, if they have a solution for sale, that means they won’t be likely to share any info on how to wire in another switch. In fact, looking at the pics you shared, I thing the switch panel is “electronic”, and not just a plain mechanical switch that we could just tap into.

That means your options would be your original idea, or to relocate that plate onto a bracket/arm as I had suggested.

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It’s just another “disability tax.” Everything is expensive, and I’ll pony up for this because it will make my life much easier. Add it to the ongoing cost of Megatron.


Just for fun…
When I was still working and navigating 2 or 3 elevators as well as automatic doors in a power chair, I got one of these - a cat in the hat laser pointer. It was the perfect length to push all those buttons (about 8).

The funny part was that people thought it was a people poking stick - most times that broke the ice at least.


need that!


I’d be happy to send it to you. Haven’t used it at all since I retired 2 yrs ago. Amazon no longer carries it.


What was the outcome of this, Mike?


About $3500 trip to the mobility works showroom. So, I had them order the parts for the remote, and had to bring Megatron in for installation. The job took about 2.5 hours, and while I was waiting in the lobby, they had a lift chair/recliner. I have a very difficult time transferring to my couch, so I thought I’d give this a try. Long story short, I bought the lift recliner, which is scheduled to be delivered this Friday. So, a $500 keyfob turned into a much more expensive trip.

The remote works great, btw.


Glad the problem you shared here was easily resolved.

Not glad the other thing was so expensive, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast as you suggested earlier. Happy you can afford it and it will make your life easier.

Unfortunately, all my major purchases these days are disability related. But, I am looking forward to relaxing in a comfy recliner this weekend with my feet up! I may not be able to get out of the chair, but we’ll solve that when needed.


Glad you were able to add another level of comfort to your surroundings!

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