Any Affinity Designer users out there? I need help!

New to design software; I’ve been using Affinity Designer for iPad to make vectors. I have a design that, for some reason, cuts twice (and yes, GFUI has it set to one pass) I have another svg in the same file that cuts the appropriate one pass…they both have no fill, stroke at 0.2 pt, set to center; I can’t see a difference in them at all.

I’ve zoomed way in, moved nodes around to see if there is a duplicate path hiding beneath…I’ve viewed it in Outline mode. I sent it to a friend (who uses Illustrator) and they only see one path as well. What do you suppose I’ve done to accidentally cause this? I’m still learning…did I expand, convert to curves, or hit some other button that I’m still trying to figure out what they do? I’m sure it’s user error but I’m going crazy trying to troubleshoot.

It took me a long time to vectorize my artwork and I don’t want to do it all over again.
Is there a way to autotrace/Autovector an image? I can’t risk scorching another piece of wood!

Please help!

If you upload the file with which you are having trouble, it will make it easier for the community to help.

As for auto-tracing: yes, there are software and services to do it. I occasionally use the one included with Corel Draw for rough first passes. There are better options, some of which are kind of expensive. Last time I looked into it, Vector Magic was the one to beat.

I don’t know of an iOS solution off-hand but, there are some web services that can do it. For example:


I’m not an Affinity D expert either, but one thing you mentioned in there…you Expanded the lines, causes me to think that a vector path was placed on either side of the line you drew. Expanding turns a line into a closed shape with black fill and no Strokes…if you then convert it to a cut, it puts two cut paths, one on either side of the original line that you saw.

So try the same thing in your design without expanding it. You should get back to a single line. (Expanding is for creating a filled engrave.)


@Xabbess …?


Oh boy, I have much to learn.

Thanks Jules! This is the first time you’ve responded to me directly but I want you to know you’ve helped me so much (indirectly) by answering other questions on this forum that I’ve stumbled upon by searching!


Thank you so much! I’m going to look into vector magic now!


I have AD on my iPad but seldom use it. But, I’m pretty sure Jules nailed it (as usual) with her mention of expanding the path.

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