Any change for internationals when it comes to order from the shop/ catalogue?

Is there any chance internationals can buy at the shop/ catalogue soon?

Obviously only the company can answer when the shop will be opened for international purchases. As far as the catalog goes, not everyone is aware that many of the designs in the catalog are sized for the thickness of Proofgrade materials. Pieces may not fit together and settings are not provided if other materials are used. So I would imagine that the catalog would not be opened until the PG materials are available.

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I was apparently one of those who didn’t realise that catalogue designs are set for proofgrade, but it is logical. But then I would appreciate if the 10% discount on proofgrade wouldn’t end at the end of 2018 if I don’t have the chance to buy anything so far. Anyway, thank you for your help getting my brain around that “problem.”


Anybody know why there are no international sales? I can’t imagine what the problem might be?

It seems be because they have coded their shop from scratch instead of using an off the shelf eshop package and don’t have the skills / resources to handle overseas orders. Evidence of this was when somebody managed to order an out of stock item by editing it their browser. Rookie programming error to rely on client side validation and no server side validation.

And this goes right to the top management that they can’t organise launching a shop at the same time as the product when they had two years to do it. There seems to be no project planning at all. Nothing done in parallel and nothing meeting any deadline at all. Normally when part of a project is massively delayed due to a problem, other independent parts would be ready early. Not with GF, every single aspect is massively delayed

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But it’s all okay because they feel very strongly about everything they do. :wink:

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