Any demand for specialty and exotic wood materials?

As per the title, I’d just like to get a gauge as to whether there’s any demand for some of the more exotic woods or combinations of woods.

As an example, here is a photo of some veneer that I’ve put together and had success selling.

There’s some bocote, leopard wood, and a purpleheart and yellowheart combination.

Could you do cool stuff with wood like this? Would you be willing to pay slightly more than proofgrade to acquire it?

Thanks for your input!


Is that solid or laminated?

I’d like to know what kind of glue you’re using and also done information about the sustainability and species status for the woods. Exotics are tricky, I’ve cooled on a lot of them because some are endangered and others commonly come from poached or unsustainable harvesting.

So I may be an outlier here but those are the things that I’d want to know before buying.


Great questions. Thank you.

The yellow/purple combination is a glue-up of yellowheart and purpleheart wood.

I like wood and trees and we therefore ensure our suppliers are responsibly sourcing their materials. I’ll work on establishing proof of that for those that will need it.

Wood glue.

Yeah what kind of wood glue? Specifically wondering about water resistance.

You see lots of glue ups like this in cutting board design, waterproof/foodsafe glues become important in those cases. I’m not saying glue choice would necessarily turn me away, but it would set some limits on use cases.

Also just to be sure: the yellow/purple is a glue up of solid strips, not just veneers on a mdf core or something, yes?

Oh also would you be selling them prefinished?

following this thread…interested in the same things as @evansd2

I hear ya. We use waterproof Titebond 3 Ultimate. I’m a wood enthusiast, so we don’t even own MDF :grin:
Everything is solid hardwood.

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We’ve been working on our finishing for a while. Outside of wood choice, the finishing on proofgrade is what drove me to build my Woodshop. I’d grade the PG finish as “consistently spotty,” at best. We’ve been making products with either a satin or high gloss (pictured) finish. Note that the photo has imperfections on the wood and finish that I could never ship - this is actually a scrap piece.

I’m just a guy with a small business, so if there’s any specifications as to what’s desired, we’re open and flexible.

Sheen on this particular piece. A bit glossy for some applications, admittedly.

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My suggestion would be to put together sample offerings and prices and shop them in some of the FB groups. I think you’d do really well, depending on pricing. There are a lot of people who don’t want to deal with the woodworking aspects, but want unique wood items for jewelry, etc.

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I’d probably buy some unfinished in 1/8" actually, depending on price. I could butt join pieces and sometimes do, but this looks really nice and strong and would give me some options.

I’d be hoping to see around $10-12/square foot in at least 6" wide planks.


I would certainly be interested, especially in well-finished. 1/8" and 1/4". I have a small CNC, so like to combine processes. I look for up to 8" wide. Cost is not a major factor, since I HATE finishing.

Let me know if you do this. I would be interested.

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