Any glue suggestions?

Any suggestions on what glue to use? Something that’s quick drying, not too messy, and available to buy? I’m currently making several prototypes of my designs, but no matter how I adjust the kerf, some parts just don’t snap together 100%. I tried wood glue, crazy glue, gorilla glue, etc. They all leave a bit of a mess.

Any thoughts?

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For a no-glue solution try this:

For a must glue I use Titebond Translucent Wood Glue:


Hot glue has worked for me. dries quick. can be scraped off. can make kind of a mess, I guess.

I have found several that work, but no one size that fits all.

Even the super glues are not a one step solution.
Here is a chart that may help. I got it on the wall behind the machine.


PVA works for me, so far. probably not on acrylic but I’ve yet to cut any of that…

Great chart. I blew it up and got it printed & mounted for the wall at our Makerspace. Really helpful reference.

Great chart!

This is so good. Thanks!