Any idea on how to salvage a failed cut after moving it?

I always seem to have problems in the upper left area cutting through. I have gone through leveling the glowforge and this was cut right after I cleaned it. I know to check before I remove the pieces, but I thought it was just masking that was holding these pieces in. The other 4 pieces came out.

In the past I have used a palm sander to sand down to the cut, but this is proofgrade plywood and I will get down to the “other” grain. I won’t be painting this.

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xacto? I’ve had ok luck coming at it from the partly cut side and completing it with a blade.

I actually use a utility knife, but an xacto might be more precise.


Either exacto or utility knife.

I have a few of these around the house, bought a couple of three-packs years ago. Less cumbersome than a “regular” utility knife, but more pressure than you can apply with an exacto.


I love my milwaukee fastback, one hand opening and closing, and like eflyguy said, you can put serious pressure on things if you need to.

I have a very fine miniature saw blade that’s just the shape of an exacto knife and fits into the same handle…


I thought the rounded hole would be the toughest. But it was the finger holes. The pieces that did come out seperated. Weird how some cut and other didn’t.

I am going to see if I have some similar thickness wood and make it look intentional.


Won’t help you tonight but every time I have had this happen it traced back to either the wood being warped or something on the tray messing with the focus across the distance.


For the future, I have successfully re-aligned things to run a cut again. I put paper down on the tray - cut the outline with like 2 power, then re-mask my item and put it on the paper on the tray, then cut the holes on like 2 power - if the cuts in the masking match up to the cuts cuts beneath I then run it full power.

*edited, cuz I said cardboard when I meant paper - cardboard would be too thick.


sometimes you can sand down the back some to either finish it or make it easier to cut.

I would use a dremel, but I’m a sucker for power tools.


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