Any Los Angelenos looking for shop tools?

I know nothing beyond this post:

“Anybody in Los Angeles interested a shop FULL of vintage metalworking machines? My next door neighbor at my old warehouse (the last old tenant besides me) has to clear out his space by August 1. His dad bought all of this stuff after World War II, and he moved here in the 1980s and continued with his fathers business. He’s looking to sell everything very cheap, somebody should buy it, if I had more space it would be me! Check out the photos, but there is a giant engine turning lathe, several stamping machines, band saw, drill press, tumbler, etc etc….and a TON of metal and accessories to go with it. What does he want for it all? “A couple thousand bucks…for EVERYTHING. I gotta have it out by the first of the month.” Help this brother out, might be a great deal for you if you’re looking for nice vintage metal shop equipment! If you’re interested, send me a PM, and I’ll put you in touch with the guy, don’t want to post his personal info here.


Thanks! Going to share with my husband.

Rats! Out of town for a few more months!

I wish…(sigh)

Tagging @jkopel in case he wants to take a road trip… :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up! There is some cool stuff there for sure, but nothing I need and it is a long (long) drive. :smiley:

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