Any October update on shipping schedule?

Right there with you!

Sure, it doesn’t take 8-16 hours to craft a response. But it can take a fair amount of time… and when you have to break that time up into 5-10 minute chunks because the phone is constantly ringing, you have meetings, etc… then the hour or two to craft that response can certainly spread out over several days.


and don’t forget the days after the update is posted lost to responses.


Getting proper feedbacks and endorsements from a big team takes a lot. Still won’t please everyone.

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So, for those who ordered the GF pre-October 2015 will most likely get it by end of December? Shall I keep crossing my fingers?

Here’s the latest official update from @dan five days ago. If you ordered during the initial 30 crowd funding campaign, your Glowforge is expected to ship before the end of December.

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Yes, keep crossing those fingers but don’t hold your breath. Not that I’m skeptical, but that’s a long time to hold your breath.