Any one open to sharing Armor files for a newbie to try?

I am brand new to laser cutting. I have some ideas of products I want to pursue for paintball. I am still learning the software and trying to create my cut files for what I want to produce. I was hoping someone might have some Cosplay armor files they may have made for me to practice and learn to adjust my setting with as one of my other hobbies is roleplaying.

You know I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone post files about cosplay armor here.

I might be tempted to use Google to try to find something like “ cosplay armor SVG” and see what you find.



There is lots of inspiration here in the forum and there are some free files in the Free Laser File section. In general, however, it is against forum rules to ask for files that have not been shared.

I suggest you work through the Glowforge tutorials to become familiar with the interface and then branch out into cosplay items. The search function is quite robust, and will reward you with many discussions that have been held over the past 8 years.


I may just have to do that. Good call. Thank you.


I can link you to my leather armour pattern - it’s not for cosplay, it’s actual armour - but most of it could be cut on the laser (not the kidney belt, or thighs, but I bet the rest could…have fun. If you succeed I’d love to see pictures :slight_smile:

Honestly, as Paintball is a blunt force trauma sport as well, the gambeson would help too…but that’s not small enough to do in a laser!


YAY! Thank you!


A lot of cosplay armor is made from EVA foam, which cuts on the laser pretty well. There are a number of cosplayers with detailed tutorials on making armor out of EVA foam and other materials. They may not focus on the laser as a tool but, they are more likely to have a variety of patterns and, will cover assembly techniques in detail. Specifically, look at books from Kamui Cosplay and Punished Props’ Foamsmith series. Kamui also sells armor patterns separately.

Books from both Kamui Cosplay and Punished Props show up in Humble Bundles pretty regularly, if you are not in a hurry.


Of course, if you are interested in using leather as the main material, there is Prince Armory:


Thank you! I am sure these will help a lot.


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