Any other Glowforge Owners in the UK?

Hello folks

I received y new Glowforge Pro yesterday and was wondering if any of you are also situated in the UK?
Also, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but has anyone thought of a drop box for users that could be used for shared designs and Users own settings for materials they’ve tried and tested on the Glowforge. The Glowforge own materials are not available in the UK yet so I have to experiment with the materials I can get.

Just a thought!


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If you search the forums for Europe you’ll find other posts about owners and materials.

Also search for “the uk”. It gets around the problem of “us” being too short to search.

Also this:

I’m uk

Ok thanks!

Hell of an import tax that came with the machine too!

I’m in the UK. The Midlands

Hey Steve

Nice Punisher Avatar!

Have you had your Glowforge for long?

I’m in Leeds


I was the first in the UK earlier this year

Hell of an import tax. I wasn’t expecting a bill of £1275. That bumped it up a bit

The Free Laser Designs category is where we post stuff for others to use.

Hey Phil,

I’m in the UK too - Lancaster. there’s a few of us around. The Facebook site gets a bit more UK traffic too.


Hi Nathan

Thanks for the tip, I’ll pop over to the FB Page and have a gander. How are you finding your Glowforge?