Any other "owners" from FRANCE?

Just wondering if we could open some posts by international customers countries? I have just ordered mine and am curious to see if other French people did or will do…

Check out Glowforge Map for a user created map

Maybe check Facebook, I’ve seen some country based Glowforge groups pop up there. I myself am in The Netherlands :slight_smile:

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I’m in France! Currently near Cannes, hopefully closer to Aix-en-Provence when the GF ships. Where are you?

Alex! Fellow Dutchie here too. France is close enough though.

I’m heading to Lyon and Provence at the end of May. So looking forward to seeing that part of the country. Mainly eating. I am so grateful for all the wonderful goodies that the French have given the world. I’m kind of split between their poetry and their food, but actually it is the music of Gabriel Faure that invited me into a deep understanding of just how passionately attentive the French are to beauty.

My husband jokes that the French have a different cheese for each day of the year. So far, I can’t say I disagree! I love the little unique details that you can find in Europe and especially here France, they are very inspiring to an artist’s heart (especially one who grew up in small-town Alabama). Hope you enjoy your holiday here! Have you ever tried lavender honey?

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