Any pointers on using Cermark?

I got Cermark spray but I can’t get the marking to stay on…

Cermark makes a couple of sprays. Which one do you have and what are you spraying it on?


From my limited experience : spray thin but enough for full coverage and then hit it hard with the laser.

I use brilliance ink from
marking ink
I use a thin coat as [markevans36301] says, full power and 1000 speed
with good results on stainless steel. I have not tried regular steel yet will do it this weekend

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Don’t have a lot of experience with laser marking sprays but seems to me the speed is way too fast. The last time I used a Cermark equivalent I used 100% power and 140 speed.

Oops. Thought you were the original poster. Either way, hot and slow.

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You are right! i was looking at another setting
500 speed and full power is what i used
still faster that your settings but it works good on stainless

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I made a set of MedicAlert dog tags with Brilliance. Stainless steel tags, 1000/Full. Text came out beautiful and crisp, but the medical logo turned out spotty. I’m not sure whether that was the settings, or if I used too much spray or too little.

I’ll run more tests this weekend.

Etch steel apparently you only need a wet paper towel no mustard or vinegar

Older link but the results are wicked kewl


I would suggest to use scrap similar metals and do test prints. Easy to use, spray, let dry, laser and rinse with water.

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