Any pros editions yet

Just wonder have anybody receive there pro glow forge yet

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Not that we have seen unfortunately.

Lots of Basics seem to be going out though.


Seems kind of quiet on that front. I’m in that particular queue but, unlike 99.9% of everyone else, I’m actually ok that it hasn’t come in yet, since we’re buying a new house and won’t move in until mid to late August anyway, so I’d rather have it shipped directly there.
One less thing to pack, and less chance of the Forge getting hurt. I expect that I’ll start getting antsy around… September 8th. Unpacking will be far along and I’ll be itching to start making stuff in my New 2-room Shop (dedicated third garage for the big tools and the Forge in an unfinished temp-controlled basement). So excited.


Big adventure for you!
Had always done my making anywhere from an apartment boiler room to a coat closet to an unfinished basement in a 100 year old house.
Moved into a new house in '96, and for the first time was able to plan a real shop/studio area from the ground up. One of my most satisfying memories!
Stoked for you :sunglasses:

The Joy i feel of so many others announcing their delight is a new experience for me. I expect it is because we all endured this long journey together.