Any Singaporean Glowforge owners?

@holydisk Was the peltier active cooling a part of your purchase? I did not encounter such cooling options during mine.

The GF Pro comes with an active Peltier style cooler installed. It looks like @holydisk opened his GF Basic, or Plus, and installed an active cooling system of his own. Interested in how it is controlled in a Basic, or is it just on all of the time. Would also be interesting to compare specs on his system. I can see that the cooling fins are about half the size of the Pro version.

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That would be interesting to know.

To be fair, I requested the GF to be shipped to an address in USA. I arranged my own shipping to Singapore. I guess they give priority to USA addresses first before international.

Does anyone have a photo of the Peltier cooling system on the GF Pro?

Yes, the heatsink that I used is not sufficient to sustain the cooling in the system. I have ordered a larger heat sink and an additional fan on the heat sink. Waiting for parts to arrive. If my approach works, I will document what we need to do and share it with everyone here.

By the way, my Peltier is powered up separately with an external 12V supply.

I see. Yes they did prioritise US shipping so this is easier to understand now.

Regardless i’m interested to see the device in person. Is it possible to visit?


Alvin Loh

this would also mean that there is actually no problem bringing in the GF into Singapore, unlike what they keep saying, about how they need to “seek approval for shipping”

Sure. What’s your mobile no.? We can arrange.

I am not aware of any requirement to seek approval. I shipped a chinese 60W laser a few years ago (cannot remember which shipping company). The shipping company dealt with the customers and GST. I had to pay the shipping company the additional GST and warehouse holding fee before it was delivered to my doorstep.

It is likely a matter of item declaration. GlowForge likely declare in full proper and prim.
Then a local official cannot get past the fact a laser device with home use class license can be used to cut stuff…

Alvin Loh

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There may be pictures somewhere on this forum but not easy to search for images. This link will give you an idea of the size of the heatsink. Have to remove the top to get a pic of the entire unit.

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There is a difference between personally importing something and a company exporting the same thing. Glowforge has to follow all of the rules. When you are personally importing something you are counting on the customs agent not knowing every single government rule and how to identify if it has been satisfied.

I imagine most customs agents have a checklist something like:

  1. Is it an illegal drug?
  2. Is it a gun or something dangerous?
  3. Is it an exotic animal or endangered animal part?
  4. How much duty am I supposed to charge?
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yes… I get you. But three years? laser cutting technology is not new here. Many people have brought in many different models already. I don’t see how “seeking approval” needs 3 years


i feel your anger. i had clients drop out due to the delay. i just take it in my stride. this is a sideline for me and a value added boost that i am exploring. what i would relaly like is to see the GF @holydisk has in person and examine how it looks like in reality :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I realised that Singapore is so hot that my Peltier have such a hard time cooling down to < 25C despite having a huge heat sink and fan. It takes almost forever. I have decided to use an external fish tank water cooler to do a better job. Here is my setup:

I bought the smallest chiller I can find here - Hailea HC100A,

Connected the water coolant lines through the chiller as shown in the photo. It works very well! This chiller cools from 30C to 24C within 10 mins and could easily cool the laser tube down to 20C within 30 mins. Tested printing on the GlowForge and no more waiting time! Hurray!

The next step will be to drill 2 holes on the GF body for the water hoses to neatly fit them to the external water chiller.


I can run my room to 16celsius. Will that help tremendously i wonder.
If i have to buy another cooler to work this. That is a scary thought. Especially since i have to fork out a few hundred for the 7% GST when it arrives. Addig this 300+ fron the cooler, it worries me the investment cost is jumping higher. I would really love to see what it can do.

I have some blank 6 sided dice. Any possibility I can visit your workstation and give this a try?

Did you have to add fluid because of the extra lines and pump?

Yes, just add filtered or distilled water.

I will have to put everything back together again first.