Any Singaporean Glowforge owners?

Hi, I’m from Singapore and I’ll like to see if there are any fellow GF owners around to mingle with and share experiences, thoughts etc or perhaps work up a support group together.

The way it’s looking, you will always have a good on-line support group to come to.

Ya i bet. However I’m looking for locals in my country so if there’s some projects we could collaborate on that requires meeting face to face, it’ll help.

You should put yourself on the Glowforge Map and see if anyone’s nearby!

Thanks Dan. added myself to the map. (Vertexual)
Glad to see a local dessert cafe got the GF. maybe to make even moreunique deserts ^^.
Pretty interesting that not many buyers in this part of the world. Would this mean dealing with parts for maintenance and such would be more problematic for us?

Hi Alvin, I’ve just added myself to the map and stumbled upon this thread. I am based in Singapore too. My name is Jonathan. Nice to meet you!


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Nice to meet you alvin! :slight_smile: Are you a maker too??

Not yet i guess… unless you consider designing exhibitions and working with my carpenters as ‘maker’.

Been interested to get into bespoke designs and laser cutting seemed interesting. I see you’re a maker and have worked with a lot of brands. Care to share the experience?

Designing for exhibitions meaning freelance graphic design?? That’s cool! I am a freelancer too! :smiley:

ehhhh. My clientele on my website are mostly for Graphic Design works. But my maker experiences ranges from minor wood working, and a lot of leather craft! :smiley:

Can’t wait for the GF to arrive in June man! So many things I would love to work on! We should take this chance to collaborate! haha

I’m not exactly a freelancer. I am working in an event company that builds exhibitions etc as well. Maker experience wise. I’ve designed structures that are mostly big. I want to get into small scale designs and that’s mainly why i got interested in laser.

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Well I am pretty sure your experience in making big structures would come in handy as a maker, one way or another. Let’s look forward to getting the machine and see how we can work something out from there! Collaboration FTW :smiley:

Hi eternasky, I’m from Singapore!!! And I am facing tonnes of cooling down issues with my Glowforge. Its almost totally unuseable in Singapore despite leaving my air conditioners at full blast. I am wondering if my unit is faulty though. Still trouble shooting…


I read your topic.

You ordered a GF pro?
Mine’s a basic and scheduled for November delivery.

What you are facing sounds like a faulty unit to me. Let’s keep in touch.

Alvin Loh

Mine is a GF basic. GF Tech support said that the air intake of the GF is on its right side. Looks like at 72F room temperature is not enough to cool the GF. I will try to measure the temperature inside the right side to see if it’s 72F there.

Btw, I added a Peltier cooler to cool the laser tube water coolant too. Looks like GF hardware is not reading the water temperature but instead measuring the ambient temperature inside the GF.


My delivery is for November. I was expecting all to come to SG as a batch instead of separately.

When did you purchase? Right when GF first came out?

Can I find out how did the GST / customs procedure turn out to be? Separate payment?

72F is like 22celsius. Tried 16C?

So 45min cooling is the norm for everyone in a warm climate? Cos that sounds really bad especially since it is touted to be a home use type.

Im planning to vent from the left and to leave the right to be slightly spacious but my router and modem is there.

Any issues with smell captured in the aircon?

With regards,

Alvin Loh

I ordered my GF basic almost 2 years ago, probably just after the GF campaign.

I have a large room and 22 degrees celcius is the coldest my air conditioner could achieve at my GF’s position near the window. I modified my basic GF to include active Peltier cooling. Even though the water temperature is cold, the GF continue to “cool”. Tech support told me to measure the temperature at the right inside of the GF to ensure it is below 25 degree celcius. I have yet to get hold of a thermometer to do that.

Then I used a fan to blow colder air from my air conditioner to the right side of my GF. That shortened the cooling time incredibly. Interesting.

The venting of gas out of the room works quite well. Not much smell.

Thanks for the info.

I got mine during the crowdfunding phase and have yet to receive. This is obviously wrong. I ordered 3 years ago and have to continue to wait. Seriously wrong.


Alvin Loh

how did you managed to get your GF so early though? Mine was pushed to February 2019. I decided to ask for a full refund. It’s not worth the wait anymore because the price to normal consumers now s the same as what we got as early adopters. And it’s basically a 3 year old machine… not that revolutionary anymore.

It was originally slated for july then august then november.
This is really bad for us in SG.

Still it may not be revolutionary now but it can get what i want to do done so i can wait. However i want to know why founders like us are being treated worst.