Any Source? 8.5x11 Flyer and Card Holder Template

I thought this would be an easy find on Etsy, but only saw one that was A5 and not really what I’m looking for. Has anyone seen a template for free or sale, anything like the attached image? Looking to hold full size sheets of paper and business cards.

I don’t need it to be constructed the same, just finished style the same.


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I know you are looking for a quick fix but now would be the perfect time to make a deeper dive into designing things for yourself. Down the road you will be happy you did.


I had a bet with myself you’d say that!

Yes I certainly could, but I’m time constrained and looking for something to pop open in illustrator, customize, cut, gift.


Alas, I am too well known here. :crazy_face:


Don’t stop! :+1:
We’ve seen lots of people turn out great things the way they wanted after being encouraged to learn design tools.


Fusion 360 is an awesome tool, as is Inkscape. I highly suggest getting and becoming familiar with both. This being said I didn’t start there when I started learning.

I should have and it would have saved me a lot of heartache with the learning curve.
I used however and learned the basics of SVG’s with it.
Don’t make my same mistake, it’s a tool but don’t make it your prime tool.


I already know Fusion, my first parametric modeling tool was Pro/E back as a teen. And I’m familiar with festi boxes, have shared a few designs here that started life as a festi box with svg work done in Illustrator, my main work tool today.

I’d just rather have something quick and done ASAP.

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