Any word on restocking of the store?

I have a $100 gift certificate, and there’s almost nothing in stock. Have been checking for months. Not complaining, but wondering what the ETA is on wood and acrylic in particular.

Dan covered this in his last update.

There’s a little pandemic going on that is impacting supply chains. There are global shortages affecting many industries.

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I appreciate the info and could do without the sarcasm.

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As a note, I ordered my air filter in 2015. I received it 2-3 months ago. I don’t mind the 5 year wait. The email giving me $100 credit in the store due to an additional delay in a small batch of air filters, including mine, was a nice gesture and did not contain any information about when the credit would be usable.

Are you using the feature where you can have the store send you an email to alert you when something is in stock? I just got one re cherry ply and ordered some straight away.


I did sign up for some of the products, but not for all ~ thank you.


Credit should be good forever. (I’ve got a few that I can’t use right now either.)

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