Anybody else like Perplexus?


This has probably been out for a while, but I picked one up for the nieces and nephews to play with over the holidays…they had a blast with the original when it came out, and so did the rocket scientist who lives next door to my folks. (Couldn’t get him to go home.) Chuckle!

@chadmart1076, this is for you… :wink:


I’ve never had one, but I’ve seen them in the stores. Very intriguing!


They are the most wonderful puzzles - you will spend hours trying to move the little roller ball along the path, things fly around in it and you have to catch the ball on the little tie-fighters and move them to a new place to continue the path…the ball falls off and you have to start over… you have to turn it a certain way to keep from dropping the ball off the path…spin it sometimes…

My nephew solved the first one in about six hours of constant play…I have yet to make it all the way around…i can’t spend enough time with it.

(Amazon…about $20.)


Wow i didnt know they made a starwars one! I play with one at my doctors office.

I guess it is supposed to be for the kids lol.


Yeah, but this year, I’m bringing it back home with me after the holidays…maybe i can finally solve one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My kids have the original and an Epic. My 9 year old is quite good, but I’m pretty sure even still hasn’t been able to do the Epic from start to finish. Luckily they have check-points.

The Death Star looks awesome!


Very fun puzzle game/toy. I have yet to beat it myself.


They’re fabulous!


A couple of them ended up as Secret Santa gifts at work. The boss very firmly banned them from the office, they were too disruptive (ie: we were spending WAY too much time playing) LOL.