Anybody use AutoDesk's website?

Just curious if anyone here uses the website. I just learned about it today, it looks really cool for simulating electronics and arduino projects, plus the ability to order professionally make circuit boards of your custom designs is really cool!

However, it looks like it used to be part of the 123D Apps, which were recently outmoded. Though they still have the link to the 123d Circuits on their website, I’m not able to log in.

Anyone with a Fusion360 account care to try logging in to see if it works for them? I’ve tried on two different computers with no luck.


I haven’t. I use Eagle for layout and get my boards from OSHpark, they are great! But no simulation there.


works for me - Win 10 computer - Edge browser

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Use it very often!

My Autodesk account seems to be working fine, no F360. win10/chrome.

Are you trying to still go to I believe it’s just now.

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Thanks Guys!

I have been trying, followed the link from their main page, and even downloaded the Chrome browser like they suggest in their support.

Just tried again and it’s magically working now… hahaha.

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Eagle is now AutoDesk also and they killed the perpetual license for a subscription. Thankfully I have an old install file still.

Wow! is awesome! Just started playing with it. only thing I see missing from their simulation is the magic smoke when I mess up!

@ben1 too bad about the license, what are the limits of the free version of circuits?


I haven’t used but I think this is another recent acquisition. The free version of Eagle is limited to two boards, two layers, and 80 square cm. If you are willing to pay 15/mo you get the same features that I paid 180.00 for a perpetual license.

I do like the little spark/flame they overlay on a blown component. :smiley:

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Guess I’ll have to try harder, haven’t seen that yet but sure I blew something

Just put a 5V transistor into a circuit and a 30volt power supply. :slight_smile: