Anybody with a Glowforge want to help with a simple project?

I was wondering if anyone that has received a Glowforge would like to cut some wood circles for me. They need to be 3 inches in diameter, thin wood is fine, I need 75. Just unfinished wood. I have a wedding coming up in September and was going to have guests sign the circles and put them on a metal sheet with magnets in place of a traditional guestbook. I had planned to do it myself when I received my Glowforge but don’t want to count on that to be safe. I know I can order them online but I rather give my money to someone here and help the community.


Cheaper and faster :slight_smile:

Edit: it would cost around $60 in Proofgrade + time on machine.


Where are you located? I’ll gladly help out if you are local (Boston area). If not, I think your best bet will be Amazon.

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I like the “I’d rather give my money to someone here” sentiment! But, as you mentioned, the exact thing you’re looking for can be purchased inexpensively online.

If you want to carry out giving another forum member some monies, maybe you could “jazz up” the design a bit. For instance, instead of circles, which “anyone” can make, maybe some kind of shape would make more sense. Perhaps both people getting married are into… um… camping. You could cut little camp fire shapes, or tent shapes, or a backpack. Or, all three (say, 25 of each). Or a wedding-themed shape - two interlocking rings maybe?

Of course, a message engraved on the objects would make them into something that you can’t get anywhere else. And, because of the nature of laser cutting, small batches, and dealing with a friendly person instead of a heartless corporation, you may even be able to mix and match the customizations (especially if you’re willing to prepare the SVGs yourself). Tents AND a message! Whaaaat! (LOL)

Anyway, I wish I was volunteering to do the job for you, but I’m lazy. Good luck making a mutually-beneficial deal with someone here!

Also, how quickly would you need these things? Make sure you give yourself enough time to buy the Amazon ones if the forum deal falls through for any reason.


That’s exactly what I’d recommend. Even if you started with the Amazon circles and engraved them (you’d need a jig :slight_smile:️) similar to some challenge coins I made last year for a reunion (made those out of acrylic though).

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less than $40


I’ll just echo what everyone else is saying. I’d love to do something challenging for you but if all you need are wood disks it wood be best to just buy them.

Thanks everyone for the input. Mass produced from the online giant is probably the way to go for this.


“Make the bread, buy the butter.”

Make bread from scratch is easy and tastes great.
Making butter from scratch is a chore and doesn’t taste much different.

Save your laser for creating amazing things. And BTW congratulations in September! :ring: