Anyone else at ISAExpo?


I’m in Vegas for a few days for the International Signage Association expo. I know that Universal, Trotec, Gravotech, Kern, and Epilogue are exhibitors, as well as most of the major plastic/substrate suppliers (like Gemini). This is a show that Glowforge should certainly consider… in like a year or two.

So… any other signage peeps here for the convention? If so we should try to meet up!


Wish I was @jbv, would like to meet you, hope our paths cross in the future!


That has to be a whopper of a swag bag. Samples everywhere!


Looking forward to seeing those Vendors at the NBM show in LongBeach… Have fun in Vegas !!


@martinell.jan did you know about this? Seems like something you should be attending! :wink:


I probably should have … I got several after party invites you may have wanted to go with me to this one :wink: