Anyone else watching Joe Bonamassa on PBS? Wow


Simply astounding, especially if you enjoy the Blues. Grand Finale coming up…


No one caught it? It was out of this world! And not just him; all 9 were astoundingly talented. Especially the Cello player, holy cow, never imagined there could be such passion put into playing that big, bulky, awkward looking instrument, lol. The singers, and the pianist, too…I was blown away.


To show how complete my network tv abstinence is, I don’t even watch PBS any more!


your loss; i’ve 100% gone straight into early-PJs-old-man-retirement with weekly mandatory viewings of antiques roadshow


This is the Cello piece:

And this is the whole youtube search:


Oh wow, just learned that she did the Wonder Woman Theme song


Thoroughly enjoyed this! I’ll have to watch for a replay or see if I can stream the entire thing.


very nice. Wish I would have seen it when it was on. Thank goodness for YouTube.