Anyone going to Maker Faire DC?


I know it’s been brought up in larger discussions about the Bay Area and NYC faires, but I figured I’d give DC it’s own topic. :+1:

The National Maker Faire is free!! I just signed up to attend (they still ask that you “purchase” a ticket to get a head count) and it’s happening June 18-19. Anyone else planning on going? Glowfolk happy hour? :grinning:


Not I. I used to live in a DC suburb; but alas! No more free museums for me. Nor free Maker Faires, either.

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If we hadn’t just gone to visit my brother-in-law’s family in Kensington a month or so ago, I probably could have talked my wife into the trip from New Hampshire. Maybe next year.

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I didn’t think Glowforge was going to be at the Maker Faire DC. I’ll check it out though - could be something fun and interested there.

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Yep, I’ll be there. That’s the plan anyway. No, Glowforge is not supposed to be there.


Yeah, sadly there won’t be an official Glowforge tent. Though I figured if enough people were planning on going we could totally have our own little meet and greet :slight_smile:

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Arizona is too far…:disappointed: Even though GF won’t be there , remember “pictures or it didn’t happen !”. We all love to see new updates and ideas from all sorts of tech and design stuf out there !! I am looking forward to the NBM convention coming up in Long Beach - I got reservations and I know laserBits and I think Johnson Plastics will be there - (and epilog). Will benice to see samples (I esp. want to see CerMark and how well it works)


:frowning: I’ll be heading out there 2 weeks later for a wedding so I’ll miss it…


I got the tickets for both days. I don’t know yet if I will be able to make it, but it seems like something fun to take the kids. I’ll post which day I’ll show up (and more less the time) once I discuss it with the wife and look at the schedule

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