Anyone going to Maker Faire DC?



I know it’s been brought up in larger discussions about the Bay Area and NYC faires, but I figured I’d give DC it’s own topic. :+1:

The National Maker Faire is free!! I just signed up to attend (they still ask that you “purchase” a ticket to get a head count) and it’s happening June 18-19. Anyone else planning on going? Glowfolk happy hour? :grinning:


Not I. I used to live in a DC suburb; but alas! No more free museums for me. Nor free Maker Faires, either.


If we hadn’t just gone to visit my brother-in-law’s family in Kensington a month or so ago, I probably could have talked my wife into the trip from New Hampshire. Maybe next year.


I didn’t think Glowforge was going to be at the Maker Faire DC. I’ll check it out though - could be something fun and interested there.


Yep, I’ll be there. That’s the plan anyway. No, Glowforge is not supposed to be there.


Yeah, sadly there won’t be an official Glowforge tent. Though I figured if enough people were planning on going we could totally have our own little meet and greet :slight_smile:


Arizona is too far…:disappointed: Even though GF won’t be there , remember “pictures or it didn’t happen !”. We all love to see new updates and ideas from all sorts of tech and design stuf out there !! I am looking forward to the NBM convention coming up in Long Beach - I got reservations and I know laserBits and I think Johnson Plastics will be there - (and epilog). Will benice to see samples (I esp. want to see CerMark and how well it works)


:frowning: I’ll be heading out there 2 weeks later for a wedding so I’ll miss it…


I got the tickets for both days. I don’t know yet if I will be able to make it, but it seems like something fun to take the kids. I’ll post which day I’ll show up (and more less the time) once I discuss it with the wife and look at the schedule