Anyone have a GF in CT


Hey Guys,
I got an email from a guy in CT looking for some one to show him their GF. He is interested in purchasing one and would like to see it in action before he pulls the trigger. Can anyone help him out?




I can show videos, but Michigan is quite the drive from CT.


I can give him a referral code! :wink:


I believe @jamesdhatch is in CT. I’m up near Boston, if you want to go for a longer ride.


I have a PRU. I’m in northern CT. Where is he?

Too bad I didn’t see this before. I had the GF out at the Greater Hartford Mini MakerFaire today. Some issues getting it connected to the cloud but ultimately prevailed and spent about 4 hours doing traces and engraves for people. Had a line of about 10 people waiting at all times.


I am in Windsor Ct, but the gf is currently not setup as I literally just moved from mass to Windsor Thursday

I have a basic production


Hey, no more neighbor issues for when you can laser?


Let’s hope not these are town houses instead of apts converted to garden condo where I was before


Thanks Jason!


HAHA dibs! :laughing:


He is in Danbury and says he doesn’t mind traveling. How long of a drive would that be?


I’m in West Hartford. Mine should arrive in a week or two (maybe).


Hey Congrats on the move! How long of a trip is Windsor from Danbury?


Hey thanks I’ll Let him know!


65 miles


I used to work down there. It’s usually an hour & half as I’m not close to the highway.


Ok cool thanks


Back up and running


Did you have any trouble moving the GF from your old place to the new one?


Nope boxed it up and two person carry, and as I brought my router with me WiFi didn’t even change