Anyone in the RDU area in NC that might have 1/8" green glass acrylic (clear)?

… and is willing to part with them for cost? Need about 5-6 sheets to finish some surprise orders!


It’s a stop-gap but Home Despot carries it locally:

You’d need to get them to cut it down - but 2 cuts gets you 4 sheets at 12x18…


AWESOME!! Thank you! Do you happen to know if is similar quality to PG or say, Cerulean Tides?

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In general acrylic is acrylic is acrylic - there is variation in depth that’s considered acceptable - but that’s true of PG as well.

I’ve never measured the PG stuff, but I believe they sell it as “thick” so somewhere in the range of .25 - and this stuff is advertised as .177 - so probably thinner than the PG stuff, but thicker than 1/8" (I’ve never run across green glass in actual 1/8, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!)

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