Anyone know a source for wood/marble coasters?

I already have a source for white marble+wood coasters, but I’m so curious if anyone has come across these alternate color marble+wood coasters somewhere other than Alibaba (minimums are too high there for what I need)? The travertine and dark stone look so cool with the wood…


Are you looking for bulk pricing? Because if not, Amazon carries them…


Aliexpress and temu are sort of the leaders in the cheap supply space. I might start there.

Edit: Temu is … checks notes … the devil. See below.

I’ve never shopped temu but people talk about it a lot hence I included it.

Arguably Aliexpress isn’t much better, they are sort of founded on selling cheaper versions of other things. Globalization, man. On the one hand, support local economies. On the other hand, 12 pounds of freeze dried cereal marshmallows for like $3. Difficult decisions, man.

EDIT EDIT: ok in light of further fact-finding it appears that Temu is … rustles papers … the devil, but with a green thumb and good attention to detail in gardening equipment. Since he’s the devil he probably mostly grows cucumbers so that he can make dill pickles with which to endlessly torment mortals.


Temu is the devil. I understand why people shop with them (and have in the past), but they are stealing artists’ designs, undercutting small businesses, and buying up all of the ad space.

-rant off-


Updated to reflect your feedback.


I know Temu does sell a lot of junk but not everything is terrible. I purchased two of those expanding garden hoses for less than half the price of one here. They are really good quality with solid brass fittings and I think the outer casing may even be more robust than the hoses I can source locally.


Updated again to reflect your feedback.


yeah, looking for bulk just not Alibaba level bulk…


I am not complaining about the quality of Temu - it’s hit or miss, but I got some good bargains.

And FWIW, I don’t mind people making cheaper versions of things. I do mind when someone hand-draws a design, and someone else steals it and mass-produces it (and sells it for pennies).