Anyone know where to buy blanks like these?

I’m trying to find blanks like the one in the picture but haven’t had any luck. I’d like to make a few for some of the props I own. They are about 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 by maybe 2mm.

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You might check out the bracelet blanks they sell at theringlord, if they don’t have them I don’t know who would.

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Do you know what it’s made of? It appears to be brushed steel, is that true?

If so you should search the forum for “cermark” or “thermark” or “stainless steel”. Lots of discussions to be found.

If it just looks like metal but is plastic there are suppliers for engravable plastics. The biggest are Johnson plastics, trotec, inventables.

Let’s see what google says if I ask “engravable steel” or “brushed steel acrylic”…

Here we go:

It’s not metal of course but it will be pretty convincing.


I thought it was aluminum but I guess I could be wrong maybe it is steel. I’ll have to look into the bracelet blanks.

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So if it is aluminum you’re in on marking options or you’d invert your engrave and engrave all but the black portions using black anodized blanks.

I’ve done inverted engraving on anodized aluminum and didn’t love the result. Ymmv.

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Plates such as these are sold as engraving stock in any material you want by wholesale trophy and award suppliers such as JDS.

You’d likely make life much easier by using the acrylic linked above.

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Found what I was looking for from a trophy supply company. If they don’t work out I’ll try the acrylic. Thanks for all the advice.

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