Anyone making money with Glowforge yet? Want to?

Hi, My pro unit doesn’t ship out until next week, but I really need something cut for me now. Does someone here want to make some money cutting out a bunch of circular, wooden “adventure” badges out of a piece of plywood? I’m having a volunteer trail cleanup day and I wanted to make these for everyone coming to help. Probably 25-50 badges.

Give me a price, I’ll give you the design and we can PayPal. I’ll pay the shipping; I’m in Hawaii so it would need to be done by Tuesday at the latest.

Let me know, please! Or if there is some site that does this sort of thing.


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I’m sure you’ll find plenty of offers to assist here. I’d assist as well.

Can you post your design here? That would help get an estimate of material usage and time involved per piece.


How big are the badges? Would one sheet of ply be enough?
To be clear, when you say “done by” is that “shipped by” or "delivered by?"
Does it have to be :proofgrade:? (Pretty sure I have some, but asking just in case.)

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I might be able to help but @Tom_A brings up some good points!

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All good questions. I have a bunch of PG in all flavors (Draftboard & Ply especially) and both thicknesses.

Some hardwood but not a lot and not likely enough to do 50 of them. Depending on the material needed I’d likely do them for free and maybe shipping too because I’m a big fan of trail maintenance (Boy Scout here :slight_smile: )

Post the file and I’ll let you know this evening (eastern time). And if you don’t need PG but Baltic Birch will do, then for sure I’d do it for the cost of postage :slight_smile:


I’d love to help here, but I doubt I could do a tuesday turnaround - I don’t have that much material on hand. Still might be possible given what I could pick up locally.

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Hi Everyone, thanks for your posts. I will post the design here in the next couple of hours. This trail thing is a pet project and I’m at my “real job” now. It’s something in the realm of the ones in this picture. Approximately 1.5-2" across each. And something really thin and light. I’m going to attach a small metal pin to the back of each one from Ben Franklin.

I just need the pins to me by Thursday at the latest. Fedex can get that here from east coast if it’s shipped on Tuesday.

Here is the sample:


Was that 50 pieces each?

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Those will need significant design work as well unless you have purchased the vector files without the watermarks. Just want to make sure whoever takes the job realizes it. That orange needs to be dealt with.

(I know @jamesdhatch recognizes it.)

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test print took about 5 min to print


I think you missed this…

Sounds like it’s maybe an original design. Not sure though.

Yep. Thought those were the ones wanted. Thanks.

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:slight_smile: More likely 50 of one or two of these styles - I’ve done something similar for kids helping with Eagle projects and things. Scouts do a lot of pin collecting and swapping. If he’s giving one to each volunteer that’s not likely to be hundreds - hard to get that many people to pick up trash and debris on a trail.

Should be able to get 84 of the 1.5" size on a sheet of PG or 45 of the 2" size. Pretty similar to what I did for coins for the local MakerFaire.

@jules - Definitely want them to be vector files (either his or redrawn for vectors). It will be a bit of runtime :slight_smile: and gotta remember to double it if there’s a backside engrave (I know the pin back will be there, but sometimes a bit of local org or website address might be appropriate as it won’t necessarily go in the design on the front).

I’ll tell you this… I have the availability. And I won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

But I’d love to also be sure of the design, when you get a chance. Obviously cost is going to vary pretty dramatically if there’s design work needed versus straight up cutting. If you’ve got complete designs, hopefully vector, including “cutting vectors” around each one, that’d be great. That’d be something that the Glowforge can gobble up with very little user interaction. If it’s low-res raster with little contrast and no cutting vectors, well, that could take some work.

Thanks everyone @jamesdhatch has been helping me. All artwork is vector, and I was looking at having maybe 100 of just one badge. This is not the final design, but it’s close:


That’s a nice design. I’ll bet the kids love it. :grinning:

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My wife will love it - she likes it when I set up a long running job and let it go. Then I talk to her :slight_smile: Lots of little things to do will tend to distract me for lots of hours and then she’s by herself.


…helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,… scouts for life. :wink: