Anyone near Kansas City have their GF yet? Promise I won't drool on your machine. ;-)

Just wondering if anyone near Kansas City has their GF yet?

My projected shipping date is November 20, 2017 but with mail being heavy starting about then…betting it won’t be before Christmas. I bought some things to engrave last Christmas…those Christmas presents are going to be very very late. :stuck_out_tongue:

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‘Near’ is kind of relative. I live a state where we refer to distance in travel time, and 6 hours can be a day trip. How ‘near’ are you looking for?

2.5-3 hours from KC at the Lake. You looking for a meat space encounter or digital collaboration? If it’s digital collaboration, I’d say shipping logistics would be the key factor in this as there would be quite a few folks who might help you out. If you want to come down to the Lake with designs ready, material on hand and need a few hours to crank out some stuff, PM me. Post processing and assembly can be a major part of the work. Of course all stuff can be shipped flat pack for you to post process and assemble. But sometimes you aren’t ready to produce a product until you have gone through the full design, test, and reiterate process to come up with a finished product. That’s easier to do in meat space.


Not too picky … we take day trips often! :slight_smile:

I’m not asking for anything to be cut … I would just like to see the Glowforge in action. Anything someone is working on would be interesting to see. Which Lake? We’re heading down to Branson in a couple of weeks, so if it is there we could leave earlier and make for some extra time if it wouldn’t be too much trouble.

I have an Ultimaker 3 - 3D printer and I love watching them print. I learned quite a bit by watching people design and print. I built my first 3D printer with the help of my (now) fiance’. I think just watching someone cut a project would be enough to get me jumpstarted when mine arrives. It’s a bit overwhelming when someone “states” their settings on a print and I haven’t experienced it…but watching in person and hearing someone talk about it would make a world of difference.

I have a Tesla Model 3 on reserve - my son owns a Tesla Model S. I have been learning about the car by listening to him and driving with him. I can’t wait for the car to arrive next year! I plan on using my 3D printer and my Glowforge (hope that Pro filter arrives before my car does) to build custom organization items for my car.

If you don’t mind two of us coming out, we would love to get introduced to your GF!

Thank you.

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I’m in Fayetteville, AR and have a pro model you could come take for a spin. Interestingly, I also have a model 3 on order and my husband has a model s. I’m hoping to get my model 3 by Christmas, but still waiting to hear a final ship date.


Ok. Sounds like a meet up here in two weeks. Company is always good motivation to clean up workspace and get some lasering done.


So glad this worked out…Can’t wait! Counting the days to see yours in action. Thank you!

Ok Emily this gets even stranger … You have the first name the same as my sister and the middle name which is my mom’s first name (although spelled differently).

I won’t get my Tesla Model 3 estimated until September-November 2018. I reserved on the first day but I’m waiting for the AWD version to be made.

What all have you made with your Glowforge thus far?

We used to drive to Fort Smith, Arkansas for Best Robotics Competitions about 4 times a year when my sons were on a Robotics team.

I cannot wait to see a Model 3 in person and get a ride in it. I’m really curious as to how it will ride in comparison to the Model S.

Marion was a wonderful “tour guide” of the Glowforge! He showed us how big
the box is (woah! I’m going to have to make sure 2 people are home on
delivery day!) Marion has been using the Glowforge a LOT (and that is an
understatement) and has great ideas and wonderful samples of his work. He
has me now checking my e-mail several times a day waiting for the golden
e-mail! I was excited before, but now I’m sooo excited!! He had something
cutting and even 3D printed us an adapter for the dryer vent!

Marion also makes an awesome bean soup (which I am wondering if he would
share the recipe…much better than what I make). Marion thank you so
much! This meant so much to us that you would take the time to spend with
us and inspire us! I can’t wait to get our Glowforge! There are so many
possibilities with this machine! If you come to KC, please be sure to look
us up and maybe we can work together for a display at Maker Faire next

Sharon and Philip


I had a fun time. So much to show and tell, didn’t give you enough time to play with the interface. I enjoyed the time and it helped inspire me to get some more projects done. Hope you get your Glowforge soon. And I am looking ahead to Maker Faire KC!


Just received notification that my Glowforge has shipped and supposed to be delivered next Tuesday. Due to the delicate nature of electronics and lasers, I have changed my delivery location to my closest UPS customer center. That way if it is broken, I can immediately file a claim and they can’t dispute it…and also then control how it leaves the truck and ends up on my porch…by bypassing the porch delivery. :grin:. Getting really excited