Anyone near los angeles with a GF i can use today HELP!

Help!!! i’m in desperate need of anyone around Los Angeles that would be kind enough to allow me to cut some files… my GF took a ---- on m yesterday and i need this tonight!

Please note profanity isn’t allowed. Normally I’d flag this to ask you to edit, but since it looks urgent, I made the change for you and left the post up.

I’m so sorry you had a problem - I hope you find someone who can help!


How many files do you need to cut?

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Where in LA are you? There’s an LA GUG on facebook, someone could probably help.

thank you! didn’t realize it due to all the anxiety hushed:


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Thank you for our help! im having a local shop cut it for me

thank you for the recommendation, having a local shop cut it

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Why is it when the situation has no room or time for error - BAM!


Glad you figured it out!

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Yup tell me about it… now the wait for tech support to contact me :crossed_fingers:

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