Anyone needs a good shellacking?



Found this article on Instructables on how to do a french polish finish, thought a few people might find this useful: French polish shellac

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Thanks for the link!

Anyone who likes French finishes has probably seen and is aware of the amazing old, 16th to 18th century finishes, plus the wood veneers cut and used in furniture centuries ago. The finishes have always intimidated me, maybe I will finally give a it a try.

Just don’t make something too beautiful or the French proletariat may think you are bourgeois and put your head in a guillotine! :-))


I french polished our walnut coffee table - it looks amazing, but isn’t the toughest finish when kids are in the house I’m afraid.

Someday I aspire to refinish it!


I have kids too, and I have come to the conclusion that only Adamantium would be tough enough for kids not to chip or scratch…


hahaha And Adamantium probably will help but not for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


@dan I just finished my first attempt at french polishing on a small 14" diameter round table top.
It turned out fairly well, but I can’t imagine how much time and energy it would take to do a full dining room table! EDIT: I now see you said coffee table. The comment stands.


It was a big coffee table too. :slight_smile: Took about 3 months (slowly and intermittently), as I recall.


The good thing about French polish is when it gets scratched it is really easy to repair.