Anyone ordered a replacement shipping box?

I’m a little put off by the 250.00 replacement cost…but worse yet, they are out of stock (how is that even possible that they wouldn’t have boxes to ship their product? I get Just in Time manufacturing, but having no spare boxes is wierd.

anyway, anyone have any experience with how long it usually takes them to come back in stock?

Huh, you’d be the first I heard of someone doing it.

You have to ship back to GF or just moving/selling it?

I think I read one time that $250 is pretty much what it costs to ship a box that size, but maybe I dreamed it…


I have a friend I’ve been cutting some stuff for… I’ve decided to streamline things by letting him borrow it for month or two…went down to get the box and realized that it had been damaged pretty badly from an “event” in the basement.

You’re probably close to right. Large box, foam, bits and pieces are probably part of it. so, makes sense but still a shocker. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s the cost of shipping it that’s the issue.

The box itself and packing inside is probably <$50…


Asked FedEx what the deal on this was and they go by a “dimensional weight” vs actual weight after a package gets so large. Not sure what the specific reasoning behind it is, considering you can ship heavy stuff in smaller boxes like you can ship light stuff in large boxes (like the Glowforge box). Could have to do with the amount of space it takes and its placement when shipping, I don’t know :man_shrugging:t4:


Yep. Trucks (tractor trailers) and airplane cargo pods typically can handle more weight than the package volume that fits will take up. So space is actually more valuable than weight. Of course most people are conditioned to thinking heavier should be cheaper. So the shipping companies try to balance the logistics with what people will stomach. Hence dimensional weight kicks in for larger volume packages which most folks won’t ship & won’t notice. Commercial shippers are used to the concept.


Which is why I can get 1/2 pallet from Texas to NJ for 800$ or 12 pallets for 1000$(or if real good shopping - once for 600$).


I seem to recall hearing that part of engineering design criteria was dictated by the maximum size of a box before the cost of shipping got ridiculous. and there is also all the orange bits. The box I sent back had some repairs due to damage on arrival.

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