Anyone participating in a Drawlloween or Inktober this year?

I’m doing the Mab Graves Drawlloween Club via Instagram this year. I like the process since it forces you to focus on speed and economy of technique, and if you stick to it all month, you will see (sez me) guaranteed improvement in your drawing ability by November. And it’s fun!


My daughter is doing Inktober. It is fun to see the process!



Yep, I’m doing inktober. Not necessarily doing the prompts, but definitely one ink drawing per day.

…bah, maybe i’ll figure that drap n’drop out someday. not today.


Links to y’alls pages so we can follow/cheer along?

I just remembered earlier today that it’s already Inktober and I haven’t done anything. I guess it’s not too late to get my priorities in order, though.


IG: rekanize

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It’s not too late. Just do a couple extra and you’re all caught up.

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I’m drawing for inktober and though I suck at it, I want to get better :laughing:


And you will, October is a LONG month. :wink:


Is that cheating? I’m asking sincerely, not snarkily. I thought about jumping in, but worried that it’s kind of starting off on the wrong foot.

I don’t consider it cheating. The important thing is to get 30 days of inking under your belt, and I certainly have busy days when I haven’t the time to scan my drawings. Inktober is for YOU and not for anyone else. 30 days of drawing is important. Hectoring about specifics is not.

GO FOR IT. You’ll have something to reach for and then something good to look back upon.


…and damn, the most important thing about INKTOBER for all of us. We need good B&W artwork to put onto our lasers. Some of you have yours already, and some of us are still waiting. Inktober gives us 30 days to create sharp, high contrast images that will work well on a laser.

Just use PHOTOSHOP, go to LEVELS, drags up the blacks and down the white to get crisp, clear laser-ready artwork.

Inktober is ideal for us here. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than “swipe art”!!!


Yes my daughter and I are doing Inktober, not following the prompts, but enjoying it anyways.

Absolutely not cheating!

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Today’s theme: Mothman

This is a very low-res upload of it

Pulled my hair out and made some disastrous first attempts that I scrapped, but then the page turned and I had a blast making this one.


I’m doing Inktober prompts, but digital drawing/painting. I’m not all that great (I have my moments, but none so far this month :wink: ), but I’m on IG @zacmac1

You have great style @rekanize !

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Day 5: Grim Reaper!


amazing! I’ve been struggling a little with how amature I feel in the Inktober thing, but I figure, that’s the point, practice. You’re an inspiration. What is your medium/program/interface?

I’ve been using Photoshop and Illustrator for years and drawing with an ancient Wacom Graphire 4 tablet. I recently upgraded to an iPad Pro 12.9" with an Apple Pencil. I went through the usual suspects in terms of drawing apps (Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, Procreate) but have taken a real liking to Autodesk Sketchbook.

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