Anyone taken their Glowforge to a Maker Faire in hot humid weather?

Very concerned about the weather in Kansas City in June for Maker Faire. I have been approved to take my Pro version to KC Maker Faire in about 12 days. Today was nice, but still in upper 80’s. Maker Faire is typically between 90 and 102 and sticky/humid. I will be outside (no air filter!) and under a tent – I am concerned the Glowforge won’t perform. Any ideas/thoughts on how to compensate if that is even possible?

Anyone taking a GF in the past have problems with a booth next to you not liking what smells came out of the GF? Did you vent it in some way? Would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

You’re going to run into trouble trying to make it work is my guess.

Upper-end of the operating range for a Pro is 81 degrees.


Numerous people have brought theirs to the Bay Area Maker Faire. It can be quite hot and a bit humid (but not very humid). I know both Glowforge themselves as well as various makers have done so. Having worked Maker Faire before connectivity can be a problem but I didn’t notice problems happening for the booths with GFs the last couple years. The Maker Faire crew should have decent experience with the needs of people with GFs at this point, but I would check in with them.

I believe that the units were provided by Glowforge and the thermal protections were lifted by Glowforge for those events.

I know @marmak3261 was displaying his stuff at one of them. I thought @takitus was also. They may have better input.


Correct, at the time, there were no temperature restrictions built into the software at all (at least not enabled). I personally had tons of connectivity issues, but once connected, the forge I had ran without issue.

It sounds like a fairly real concern to be at a Maker Faire with out of range temperatures at this point. I personally would come prepared with a contingency plan.


This will be the first year that our MF has had a Glowforge in attendance. Internet he always been, shall we say spotty at best outside. I might have an “in” getting a bit better connection–but can always hot spot. I am going out the morning before to test.

You mean like a previously recorded video of it working running on a monitor? …would strong fan help with moving air around or is it still just hot and potentially humid air to the GF whether it is moving or not?



You’re in for a struggle. I just bought a portable A/C and have been unable to burn all week until the wee hours. We’ve been dealing with Sahara Dust which raises the ambient temps. Normally I can’t burn continuously until after the temps drop to less than 78 degrees.

I wish you success but the machine is quite insistent about “Cooling”…

You might look into building a cold box for the machine, to highly localize the colder temperature. I think a couple people have built some things on here that work to one degree or another. In any case, you definitely going to need an outside way of dropping the temperature of the air going into the GF

it was wishful thinking on my part … I knew that. My oldest suggested today that I video tape it cutting something LARGE out and then some smaller scaled down versions (ex: like maker faire logo…or something) and have those to display “just in case” and have a video running of my GF actually cutting it out…here is the video, here is the finished piece…and here are smaller ones to show you that it can handle the fine detail.

I’ll also have other samples there, but he thinks having it video taped and showing the actual item would mean more to people.

Can we use the GF promo video in our booth? I wouldn’t mind having two videos running just in case I can’t demo it. Thanks for the replies everyone!

That sounds like a question @Dan or maybe @bailey would need to answer

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Hopefully @Dan or @bailey will let me know soon. Maker Faire is this coming Friday!

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You might try emailing support directly regarding this, though they might not get to it in time :confused: If you mention it’s urgent in the subject line then maybe?

I will try that. Thanks. A/C went out and the plans for the rest of the week and weekend went basically up in smoke.

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that

Should be getting A/C new unit (and furnace) tomorrow! I am not counting on using the machine tomorrow unless they have installed a “miracle machine” (which would be nice) and I can start working again.

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