Anyone use Alumamark yet?

I have some samples of Alumamark

And was wondering if anyone has used it for photo images?


Whoa, it’s not a treatment like Cermark, these are pre-treated aluminum plates. Curious to see how it works.

I am also curious how much it costs. If you follow the Buy Online link you get a catalog tool that lets you put in an order without displaying any prices. If you have to ask …

Oh, Johnson Plastics has it. 20" x 24" x 0.020" silver is $32, name badge sized things are $1-2.


On the upper half of the page you have the Price Lists linked.

I got my samples a while back too, but haven’t used yet. Been pushed down the list. I’d be interested to see what others have tried.

I didn’t know this existed. I need to place an order; it will be much easier than Cermark for a lot of what I am doing; assuming it works well.

Another source of Alumamark is

They also have coated aluminum, brass and steel. They have very good descriptions that indicate whether each product is laser compatible (for “engraving” or to be more precise - marking), and if so, some starting laser settings.

I’ve used their materials for rotary engraving. great company.


Anyone else try Alumamark yet?

I got a small order, and I’m not having lots of luck narrowing down setting. I do the engrave, wipe it down… and it looks like hell.

I just ordered some samples a few days ago. Looks intriguing.

Testing Alumamark. Waiting to hear from the company regarding some settings, but this is what I have so far with just an image.

I also did a half-tone image which looks pretty good. You need photos with good contrast, but this looks promising. Will try to get their satin silver to get best results.


Was that a sample or stuff you purchased?

I bought a sample pack to have bigger pieces. Same material, just bigger. I’m corresponding with the manufacturer since I think I’m the first person with a Glowforge to reach out to them and they don’t have suggested setting for it yet. I also reached out to @dan to suggest contacting them as it seems a material which could get excellent use.


I see! I just received a couple of small samples from them in the mail today. Will be good for a couple of tests. The suggested settings are pretty vague. :slight_smile:

I would love to see a “Certified Glowforge Ready” badge on products I buy elsewhere. Even if the PG store is well stocked, they can’t carry everything. But they can partner with the vendors of high-quality materials they don’t carry, figure out GF settings, and add those items to the magic database.

I bet Alumamark has very consistent height and formulation, and figuring out optimum settings would only take a day or two.

The more materials that meet Proofgrade ease of use goals, the better for the company and us, even if some of those items are sold by other vendors … IMHO.


“I bet Alumamark has very consistent height and formulation, and figuring out optimum settings would only take a day or two.”

That’s the opposite of what the Alumamark manufacturers told me. :slight_smile: They said dialing it in can be tricky.

As I said, I’ll share more info as I get it.

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Making solid progress. Going 1000/20 on setting, 225 LPI, Vary Power. Might try minimum power of 1 to get rid of any silver spots.


That’s pretty awesome. Looks like a tintype photo. :+1::+1: