Anyone used anything to stick wood and acrylic together?

im making a heart, but im using acrylic and wood.

the wood would be in the middle and there would be a acrylic on both ends.

my question is how can i stick these 3 peices together, without making it look messy with glue or residue.

someone mentioned wood screws?

anyone have any experince or done a project and can suggest few pointers?

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This forum is full of info, no need for another discussion:

Not sure what exactly you’re going for, but I use super glue to inlay acrylic into wood very successfully. The key to not making a mess is using a minimal amount, and keeping the masking on while it dries. I’ve also noticed some super glues leave a haze behind from off gasing so the masking has the benefit of catching excess glue and the haze.


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