Anyone used Inventables mirror acrylic

I ordered some and am kicking ideas around. I’m wondering how well it would work as a mirror, like I get it’ll be shiny, but will the optical quality be on par with a glass mirror? I could see it being used as accent otherwise, but if I want to make a mirror that’s designed to be used by people for face-looking, will it hold up?

It’s subjective. Looks exactly like a glass mirror to me. Obviously since it’s acrylic it will scratch or scuff if not taken care of properly. Throw it in a drawer and it will eventually scuff. Hang it on the wall and clean with non abrasive cloth and it will hold up just fine.


I wonder how it would handle direct sunlight? Does acrylic break down in UV? Not sure I’d place it in direct sun, but curious about uv stability and thermal stress effects.

I bought some months ago, but haven’t found a use for it yet. I’m sure if I just got around to running a quick test on it, uses would magically appear in my head. :slight_smile:

The one I really wanted was the first-surface mirror, but that stuff is expensive.

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No real understanding of the UV properties. I think acrylic is UV resistant but not totally immune. The thermal properties will depend on the use. A flat sheet sitting in the sun would be fine thermally. But if you cut mounting holes and attach without enough room for expansion you are likely to see cracks.

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Since it’s cast, the internal stresses might be better than with extruded? I wonder if it would warp out of flat at all in direct sun. scribbles notes for later testing

Won’t pretend to know that answer. Getting outside of my experience or knowledge.

Others may know.

Haven’t tried the Inventables mirrored acrylic, but have tried some off brand from EBay.

Pretty sure it’s not going to fade or warp or anything, BUT…the smell was DEADLY. Whatever chemicals they used to create that mirrored surface, it was just about enough to put me off of acrylic totally. (The Proofgrade is NOTHING compared to it.)

Make sure your venting is working really well when you cut extruded acrylic.