Anyone want some nice thin acrylic?

Can I have the setting to get through these please and does anyone have a picture of what you’ve made with it? (And how much you were able to charge for it?)


So I can’t tell if you’re playing along with us or if this is a serious question? Acrylic is the kind of thing that brings out the crazy in people, I wouldn’t be surprised is someone had actually tried this.

I actually looked at a machine today that claims to be able to cut this thickness of acrylic…and has a 20" adjustable z-axis…but barring needing to proclaim “There be whales here!”, I see no need for 2 inch thick acrylic…

:rofl: My work here is done then. :wink: (But yes, acrylic does make me a bit nuttier than usual, just not “I wanna cut 2” acrylic in my GF" nutty lol.)


Hah! “Perfect parody is indistinguishable from reality”, as they say.


Having some experience with bigger pieces of somewhat thinner acrylic that we bent into 90 degree arcs the most surprising thing to me was just how heavy those suckers were. By (somewhat) quick calculation they are about 400 pounds each. Have fun kicking them about.



That’s crazy.

The square cube law on steroids, Less than 330 pounds and they would float!

Those six sheets are over a ton,

When there is a forklift in the picture, you’re not using your Mini to get them home.


These days when it is reality that is indistinguishable from parody that parody has died in agony.

“need” is a strong word.

we don’t have room for the equipment, but if we could cut 2" thick acrylic, we’d have less gluing up to build architectural models.

that said, all acrylic blocking and stacking gets heavy.

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Watch this :slight_smile:

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That’s going to take more than a dustpan and broom to cleanup.

gravity + momentum = bad day.


Somebody needs a forklift course.

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