Anyone want some nice thin acrylic?

4’ x 8’ x 2" Sheets of Acrylic Panels


We need a new forum called “Well Beyond The Manual” for that. :laughing:


Pondering a passthrough mod?


I mean 2" won’t even fit without taking out the bottom, so I think the mod you’re referring to would need to be done with a sawzall.

So, in short, “nope” :wink:

I was just looking around to see if there was any cheap acrylic to be scored, you know, like you do.


Cut off entire bottom, slide GF over material. Easy peasy!


My warranty would still be good, right?


Just plane it down. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have an orbital sander, would that work?


I have a need to make a large tank, to transport a whale to the future…


I’ve used these thick sheets to CNC out a negatives for a wax molds. And also used them to make stamps for leather /w an arbor press.


Slice it the long way into 16 1/8" sheets. Very economical.

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Yeah but I don’t think the GF will cut transparent aluminum.


(disclaimer, my math is way off here, scroll down for more dumbness)

Let’s see just how bad this idea is :wink:

That’s 1.3 square feet per slice…

21.3 square feet for a sheet.

$18 per square foot.

Estreet sells a 12x12 at $3.39, it goes down to $2.79/sqft at larger sizes.

So you pay about 600% the price, and spend a ton of time on it, and get saw-marked surfaces… but the satisfaction of making your own 2 x 96" sheets? Priceless. YOLOOOOO


What am I missing?

4*8 = 32 square feet. Times 6 sheets is 192 face square feet of 2" thick material. I don’t know much about re-sawing, but it would seem to me that a 1/8" sheet plus a blade kerf of .025" for a 11-18" band saw wheel (, which seems right maybe for stock this large gives 13 re-sawn sheets per 2" sheet, so a total of 2,496 square feet of 1/8" material or 16 cents per square foot ($400 / 2496.)

I think the best idea is you get it and build an outdoor catfish aquarium.


One thing is that this is almost certainly 400 for a single sheet.

The other thing is that we’re cutting it lengthwise, so it’s 8’ by 2" when done.

Chris’s theory was 16 pieces per sheet, which in hindsight, he probably meant cutting it into 1/8" by 4x8’, which boo… I liked my other way. Turns out if we do it my way of 2x96", and assume that we’ll lose about half the material in waste (overestimating) you will get 192 such strips, at 1.3 square feet.

Hmm, that changes the equation for sure, works out to about $1.60 per square foot. Even MORE YOLOOO! Someone go do this, it’ll be epic.

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I followed your link and I didn’t see a per sheet, but if you do it Chris’s way and it is per sheet that’s 96 cents per square foot.

I haven’t used all of the clear acrylic originally sent me by glowforge, but I am getting close, so I am certainly not in the market.

See above:

Officially way too much time on this silly idea. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think convincing you to build an outdoor catfish aquarium is silly at all.



I will say, if you want access to ridiculously large pieces of 1/2" acrylic, hockey arenas get rid of them regularly. Generally higher end arenas give them to lower end arenas, who then have to trash them. They’re usually ~4’x8’ and have quite a few scuff marks on the lower half but it’d be less work than these!!