Anyone want to design a box?

Anyone want to tackle a box or two for me for a reasonable price?

I have a ton of stuff to design and cut. I haven’t even started to learn Fusion360 and
honestly I just don’t have the time or energy to design a couple of storage boxes.
(Even designing one would be great! I could tackle adding adjusting the design and another divider.)

Just need some really basic divided boxes with a lid in the dimensions in the pic.
(12x10x4") Medium Daftboard

It would be great to have a lid that would slide down over the box that I could lift off. That way I could place the box inside the upturned lid for a display. (Not really sure how I’d secure the lid though when in storage. Probably just a velcro strap around the whole thing. I’m open to any ideas though.)

Edited to add: or maybe a lid that just slides on like a wine box?



Have you looked at .

Lots of ‘box’ options there!


Magnets. Embed them in an engraved pocket the the side of the bottom & the top and the lid will “snap” on but still come off pretty easily.


Thanks so much Houdini. I think this site will be my best option. I just have 10 hrs of designing to do and about 5 hrs to do it in. I was hoping someone wanted a quick $20 and save me the hassle. Aww well, nothing like a large cup of coffee late a night to get stuff done :slight_smile: :coffee: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :writing_hand:t3:

Outstanding. That sounds like my best option and I think I even have some good magnets sitting around somewhere.

You can get neodymium magnets at Home Depot or Lowes in case you don’t have any hanging around.

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