Anyone with their GF near Boston?

If you’re anywhere near Boston, would it be possible to stop by for visit for a demo? February 22 (my delivery date) is a long way away!


Check here:

I remember that one - thanks… no indicator there of delivered units.

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Find usernames near you on the map and then check the spreadsheet. Maybe they entered their data. Worth a try.

I live in Arlington MA, got my shipping email 10 days ago… so still about 2 weeks of waiting ahead… but I will let you know when it arrived.

Nice, thanks! I’m about 20 minutes away in Saxonville…

I just got set up with my Pro yesterday in Somerville, and would be happy to demo/get together to nerd out about lasers!

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Great idea! Maybe @sneggi would want to join?

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Congrats on receiving your Pro. My son lives in Somerville (I’m in Ohio) and he is going to help me with mine. I picked it up today. Do you have any connection to the Artisan’s Asylum? I am told they have some new lasers.

I’ve taken a couple classes there - I haven’t used their lasers, though. It’s a really interesting makerspace for all sorts of making! They have some great machines that I am super jealous of.

I’m in Needham. Happy to demo if you don’t mind stepping over the mound of crap in front of it (all the materials)


Great - we might have the makings of a local Boston-area meet-up coming together here…

I’m in Medfield and work in Needham. Waiting for my Pro to arrive. Would be interested in getting together.

I’m fairly close to Muzi ford…

What’s the weekend look like? @amy_loomis might want to join as well!

I also have a glowforge and live in west medford (basic). I also have access to a pro machine but do not own it. I know @joe on the forum also lives in the area and has a machine, not sure if it’s pro or basic.

Yup, I’m in Medford, near Tufts. Basic. I’m more than happy to show it off. Unfortunately, my weekends are booked up until after Thanksgiving. After that, let me know.

My weekend is pretty open at the moment - I’m just planning on solidifying a design that might mix 3d printing, glowforge, and potentially fabric

It’s Friday - what would be a good time for you? I’m in about 20 minutes from you.

You might want to put that in a PM - the forum is open to any troll as well as email addy trolling bots :slight_smile: