Glowforge Map



Hey GlowForgers,

I started a Google map so GlowForge supporters can share where they are and see where others are too!

Edit: I started the map and included my referral link. I would really appreciate if the person who keeps editing my link would stop doing that.

I added myself to get the ball rolling. :slight_smile:



New Mexican Glowforgers
What you do for a living?
Shoutout to forum readers
Uk group
I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time:
Finally we are here!
Anyone with their GF near Boston?
Glowforge user groups?
Just out of Curiosity
Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials
Is there a way to find out who in your area also has a GF?
Accessorizing Your Glowforge (Like the Fashion Industry)
Glowforge prep advice
Weather and the filter hose out the window
Glowforge Users in Phoenix?
How to get in touch with fellow glow forgers in your area/country
Wood for placques or 10”x15” engraving
How many preorders need to be shipped in December?
Glowforge Volunteer Corps
Any Singaporean Glowforge owners?
Canadian Forgers?
The Dutch, NL, Hollanders, Nederlanders... (EUR)
Pre-Release Candidates Named
Vent Specifics
QOTD from Glowforge: What do you do with your time (professionally and/or personally)?
QOTD from Glowforge: What do you do with your time (professionally and/or personally)?
What country are you from?
Is Glowforge CE Certified?
Will the GF be capable of ACTUAL 3D engraving?
GFUG (Glowforge User's Group) gatherings
GFUG (Glowforge User's Group) gatherings
Building a Community - Asia
Any other "owners" from FRANCE?
Glowpeople Map
Owners near me? Charleston, SC

If only someone had a laser cutter to engrave this afterwards…


Uh oh, I see another Austinite with a Glowforge on the way! We need to make a pact to invite the other person for the unboxing if you receive your GF first.


And then there were 3… (though I ordered mine quite a while back (day 2).


Added my self to the map


Unboxing party at your place, I’ll bring the Pizza.


You know if there were a half dozen more here, it would likely be a good idea to start a local users group.

Still 3 is good enough we might want to look into bulk material orders some day.


Glowforgers? I had my heart set on Glowtrotters :smile:


I guess we can be democratic about this…


Oh! There’s someone nearby in Citrus Heights, CA! Whozzat?


I’m the Portland rah-rah.


Amsterdam represent. Hope some more pop up around here.


I’m in Granite Bay.


Medford, Mass. I’m surprised there aren’t more in the Boston area.


sense of community or competition? Haha need more in Florida!


Anyone else in Nor Cal?


Central California–I’d love to know what number I am in the queue.


Added myself! See another vegas Glowforge!


Wow, I’m the only one in my country :frowning:


Cool idea! I just added myself. I’m from North New Jersey. I also added my @ for this forum. Can’t wait to actually get my laser!