Anywhere to buy Proofgrade Acrylic in person in NYC?

Basically my school ordered Acrylic December 31st, I am needing the acrylic to finish my middle schoolers projects BY Friday.

Somehow the orders with glowforge always are so delayed / messed up. Now I am going to need to use my own money because I want the projects to be completed.

I emailed support, they prob will take a day or two to solve this, so Im pretty much out of luck honestly. Any retail places to buy in NYC?

Canal Plastics for one.

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Did you intend to open a support ticket? If not, we can move this topic out of the Support section. Posting here opens a support ticket and since you have emailed them already they will have to connect this ticket to your email which will delay a response from them.

I think Proofgrade acrylic is only sold at JoAnn’s Fabrics stores; I am not aware of any other retail outlets for Proofgrade brand acrylic. You can however use the Proofgrade settings for most clear cast acrylic with similar results.

If you buy acrylic locally, you’ll save on shipping (and it will likely be cheaper than PG). It will cut exactly the same as long as you get cast acrylic and not extruded.


Aside from the extruded vs cast, if the 3rd party sourced acrylic has a plastic film, instead of a paper masking, it’s a good idea to remove the plastic as it melts into your engraves. Not as big a problem if you’re only doing cuts, or don’t mind doing a second low power pass over your engraves.

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What @ChristyM said. :slight_smile: Unlike wood, acrylic is acrylic. There’s no advantage to buying PG and it’s almost always cheaper to buy it locally. If you want it for engraving and cutting, ask for cast acrylic in 1/8" and 1/4" and you can just manually select the PG settings. Also check to see if they sell scrap becasue it’s a nice way to get a variety of material for cheap. It might also be worth checking for acrylic fabricators to see if they sell scrap or will donate it for the school.

Looks like these are in NYC.


Take the kids on a field trip to Canal Plastics. It’s glorious.

I agree with everyone else, there’s nothing particularly special about Proofgrade acrylic versus any other cast acrylic.

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I order from Canal and I’m on the west coast. Definitely go visit them. They are great to deal with and they do have cuts of acrylic 12x18. I ordered a full sheet of a color and they cut it down for me in GF sizes and shipped it.



We’ve reached out to you via email to help resolve this issue. I’ll be moving this to everything else so you can continue the conversation with other users.


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