Apothecary beverage station (another box), and Random night

We add a single drop of lorann oils (marketed for making candy) (also used to make anesthesia gas smell not like burning trash) to icewater or seltzer for flavor. Not sure if I really meant to say Alchemy. Will let the forum decide. :slight_smile:

File:oildispenser2.svg.zip (23.8 KB)

Also just incase you have a bunch of Dr. Ph Martins ink laying around;
you didn’t spend the 10 extra dollars to get the dropper bottles;
you end up wasting a ton of ink on your wood projects;
you also have a bunch of needle tip dispenser bottles laying around then here’s another box…

File: inkbottlebox2.svg.zip (22.4 KB)

Boxes boxes, makin’ boxes.

Also unrelated I have this song stuck in my head.

Maybe getting it into your head gets it out of mine.

Random night.


Oh hey where’d you get colored needle bottles? Mine are all the same translucent color. I use tape colors to differentiate contents but colored lids are way better.


DEPEPE 24pcs 30ml Needle Applicator Tip Bottles, Translucent Glue Bottles and 8 Color Tips for DIY Quilling Craft, Acrylic Painting, with 5 Funnel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PCHS7TP/

I embedded a QR code in the box so that I can reorder them without thinking.

The quality of the silicone caps is not as refined as the others I have.


(I returned these as the caps did not seal. They were “dry”, more like plastic.)

The caps are definitely silicone, however they are just a little irregular let me take a picture. They seal well.

Compared to the old bottles…

“Cheese grommit, cheeeese”


Glad they worked for you. I ended up with a type with syringe needle style tips, with plastic snap-on caps. Not as convenient but they do seal.

I might have forgotten to return a couple of those little funnels…

Haha!!! The funnels are cool. I ordered a second batch of these as the kids really wanted their own bottles, so they get the residual ink from the containers reconstituted with water.

I don’t engage in anesthesia, but I did get into using the LorAnn oils to make cough drops earlier this year, when I felt sure we would get Covid-19. If I was going to die of the coronavirus, I was at least going to have yummy wintergreen or cinnamon or ginger lozenges to see me out (this was before I knew that one may lose one’s sense of taste). So I will make your oil box, and thank you so much for designing it and for sharing the file! (I will also try adding a drop or two to my bubble water!)


My 6 y/o did that response. What I was going to say was;
only add one drop, it’s pretty strong with two drops!

And yay! I have a taker who will make it! Winning!

I can order it from Amazon but loranne won’t ship here, so I end up ordering the Blood Orange from Walmart and refilling the orange and lemon with it.


I’ll stick to one drop, then…I got spice/herb flavors rather than fruit, but the ginger is really nice! And maybe I’ll get a berry or citrus one…

Oooo! I didn’t know there were spice flavors, nor ginger. Hmmmm, branching out here. This is like the day I found powered lemon and powdered lime on nuts.com

Yes…since my original intent was throat lozenges, I got peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen, clove, ginger and cinnamon… LorAnn supposedly also makes a menthol eucalyptus, but I couldn’t find that, so got menthol crystals on Etsy.

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You didn’t need to use dark web etsy to buy your crystal menth?
I didn’t even know it came as crystals.


Yummy! nuts.com

Nice boxes for the use. Thank you for sharing!!


:expressionless: :expressionless: :neutral_face: Now that I can’t unhear that song…I counter your song with with an equally stuck in your head song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzKFbUxYJys

I’m going to send the Spleen song to a friend to get it stuck in her head now…

I was not aware that cashews came from a fruit. But after that song I’m sure I’m going to remember it! Haha


I liked everything from that site that I purchased except for the cherry powder. It wasn’t what I had expected.

Most of this came from them … a candy buffet for my daughter-in-law to be’s (at that time) shower.



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I can only discuss that with you on dark web glowforge forum…

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