App for Ipad Owners

Does Anyone know of a good app for Ipad owners to be able to Do various different letters and Or Words that can be cut out. New Owner trying to learn. Iv done a few things. But would like to be able to cut out letters and or words for making Signs and what not. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Eric. S

Here’s an old thread (found by searching the forum for iPad app) that likely answers all your questions.


They need more than likes for @cynd11’s reply. Search, Search, Search, it’s the best thing.

Welcome e.stephens! BTW you might also find this thread very useful:


I do 90% of my designing on my iPad Pro. I use Affinity Designer for most vector work and occasionally Procreate (raster work). Once in a while Vectornator as well. AD doesn’t have a trace function in any version of their software, which is why I still use an occasional PC program. I find I really like using my Apple Pencil for design work.


While there are some great recommendations for some truly first class design software on the iPad, there are a ton of weird, one-off, single-purpose apps out there that are surprisingly useful.

Various things like kaleidoscope pattern makers (iOrnament was the last I looked at), things to crop out parts of photos (heads, etc.-- used that to grab a headshot for engraving on a Christmas ornament), and apps for just about every other weird bit of image manipulation or whatever you can think of.

Typically a buck or two.

I have a lot of fun exploring said random apps when I want to make something new.


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