App not showing part of design

This is your original art? Can you upload the file if so?

Try doing a select all (control/command-A), it’ll put a rectangle around the entire pieces. Its possible that your lines and other oval are offscreen.

If the select-all selection rectangle is completely visible on screen and you still don’t see the 2 missing shapes, it’s possible that they are tiny, and thus not visible in the UI. The source art would really help.

In any case, your instinct about the stroke width was a good guess but not the case here, the UI doesn’t care about stroke width.



Here it is…

OK, so what are you trying to do? Cut the shapes, engrave them, what?

Solid filled colors in the UI are signs that you intend to engrave, hollow shapes are signs you want to cut. You can override that in the UI in each case, but it’s simplest to set the stroke and fill to match your intention, makes your job a lot easier.

OK also, your cross is a pair of lines. If you’re trying to cut it out to be a rounded shape, you’ll need to convert the strokes to shapes. What software are you using?

If inkscape, select your cross lines and go to Path->stroke to path. This will give you two cuttable shapes. I would then select both of them and do Path->union. This would combine them together into one cross shape.

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For kicks, I did those things for you, and also converted your ellipses to paths using Path->object to path.

Converted them all to stroke/no fill ( they will default to cut this way) and this is the result.


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Huh? lol

Cut - red oval
Cut -green dot
engrave - lines ( cross)

At first I thought the lines where not thick enough.

When I first import the file the cross/lines show up …when I set them to engrave they disappear.

I am using affinity.

I uploaded it as PNG and as SVG and it did the same thing.

Yup. If you want to engrave something, it needs to be a shape, not just lines. The UI ignores your stroke settings. Some Affinity person can probably tell you how to do these things. I think @xabbess uses affinity?

Took you seconds to do that…lol.
I’ve been sitting here for an hour.
I’ll need to watch the video on setting the paths again.
How did you get the open cross?
Mine are just lines.

I explained that all in a previous reply:

If you haven’t gone through some of @jules’s roundups of “getting started” links, here’s one. It’s full of relevant info:

I know it’s hard to not want to jump in with both feet, but learning the fundamentals will really save you so much time down the road. It’s a really good investment.


Stroke = No fill.

Having some issues with the Path thing.

Thanks for the link…


Just did a quick sample in AD. Drew a line, then exported it SVG. I made it a different color than the cut line. It gives me the option of either engraving or scoring. Scoring would be much faster. Hope I’m understanding the problem. Did you WANT an open cross like @evansd2 made?

It did give me the option to cut or engrave - it just removed the line from visibility on placement screen.
I was going for simple lines…but I liked the open…I’d like to try it both ways…
Paths and nodes are confusing me. … I am having trouble finding the right tools in affinity/inscape to set paths. I’m just not seeing it …
I rewatched a video and did some research and it said to go to selection - my screen say’s “select” not selection but close enough - drop down …nothing says path.
Is there different terminology for paths…?

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Oh Man. I really hope the trash can deletes posts. I just uploaded a screen print that I had not closed my notes file. You would have way more information than you want.

But here is the correct one, I hope.

What should this setting be?

I totally understand. I’ve had quite a time trying to translate others terminology from AI, for instance, into the equivalent in AD.

One thing you might check…when the line shows in the left hand column, look at the settings for speed and power. Sometimes they are set at ZERO.

(sorry…I lost my train of thought…I had to leave over an hour ago and just now got back. I’ll review again in a bit)


This is the only reference I’ve ever seen in AD about ‘path’. That’s what I mean about translating terms from one app that I don’t have…to another app.

You can convert your line (s) using one of the above things…

I have used these settings now for a very long time. Some folks may find them odd, but they work for me every time.

I may raise my dpi back up to 96. I had it there until I had issues with Snapmark and changing it to 72 helped with that.

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On the app screen - I know it’s called GF?? GHNU?? lol.
Appreciate everyone’s efforts to help me.
I really am putting in the time and effort - watching video’s and working the materials.
I’ve made some really ugly stuff - but I am learning.

So you got to the first screen from a toolbar /drop down…what was that heading?? I’ve looked at them all and not seen that.
The line you drew with the pen tool/ or brush - which was the blue line ?
Print Press Ready - I like this one - it is what I’ve had it set on.
Do you use the size 20X12 because that is the size of your material sheet?
I have been making the page just a tad bit bigger than my design. My thinking was that it would make it easier to pull it into another design. Figured all that extra space would make it hard to line up.
I have my grandsons for the weekend starting tomorrow - so I will have time to watch more AD video’s. I don’t let them watch too much T.V. and one of them will watch anything that is on.

THanks for all the screen shots.

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Sorry…I should have taken a shot of the entire drop down so you’d know where it is. Click on the photo and it will show the entire drop down menu.

I used the pen tool (which I’m still pretty lousy at using effectively, but I’m practicing)

I always use 20x12. Its set to open the same every time that way. I seldom have use for a different way, unless I’m using AD to create something other than for the GF. Ever since I set the size to that , I’ve never had any problems at all with stuff accidentally showing up resized in some way…which was caused by not keeping the 12x20 size.

Keep up the good work. You’ll get there :grinning:

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