Apple AirTag Keyring case

I’m heading to the airport in a few weeks and, worried by the SCENES of lost luggage at Heathrow, invested in some AirTags to track my baggage. Then I got to thinking… why not make a keyring case for them‽

I’m really pleased with how it came out - perfect for leather scraps (5cm by 12cm), I piece, and just 42 seconds to cut! It took a little while longer to saddle stitch, but I’m glad I took the time, as this looks delightful (I think, anyway!). It’s certainly cheaper and more satisfying than buying a leather AirTag keyring on Amazon.

What I’m most pleased with is that I can take off the binding bolt and slide out the AirTag for that once-a-year battery change.


Very nice!
I have a few AirTags with less graceful means to attach them to things and I’ve been meaning to make something like this too =P


I have to say, it’s incredibly satisfying! Even with my meagre sewing skills, it only took around 20 minutes from cut to complete! I’ve added the design to my Etsy shop if you would rather follow a plan.


Oh, I assumed this was from the GF catalog.

You should add your Esty link to your profile. I went to look for it but couldn’t find it.


Thanks for the nudge!

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Wow- it looks very similar, but I looked at other Airtag keyrings before designing my own (not in the GF store - not in that habit!).

Very nice looking, I want to make one and I don’t even use Airtags.


Nice work!



That looks great, well done.