Apple donating a massive number of face shields to medical personnel

This shows the sheer power of scale.

Makes the average glowforger’s output seem like a drop. Granted a lot of drops fill a bucket but along comes Apple with a hose, it’s pretty nuts what they can pull off.


that’s awesome.

that said, there are lots of holes in the system. things like this usually fill in big holes with big health systems. there are tons of smaller hospitals / health systems across the country that will still need help from makers to avoid getting left out until the supply pipeline gets anywhere near back to normal.


Here is the official support document describing how to assemble and adjust an Apple face mask.

(this is an example of a big part of why I love working at Apple. The attention to detail permeates everything and the philanthropic efforts like this are equally as strong of a focus internally.)


Interesting comparative commentary on face shield designs, including some info on a design by Foster + Partners that appears to be very close to Apple’s design:


What is the best company for me to get the PET film for the face shield I’m currently printing in 3-D my face shields but want to start printing them on my glow Forge

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