Apple pencil case worthy of its contents

IMG-1688 IMG-1689

I made this fun apple pencil case out of PG maple ply, bamboo, draft board and acrylic. I used the various different materials to achieve a specific thickness; thick enough to accommodate the pencil, but thin enough to work with the micro-screws and nuts I had. I engraved the acrylic, and the underside of the lid to create a snug fit for a couple of small but strong magnets which snap the lid into place and hold it closed. It was a fun little project with a functional outcome.


Nice work.

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I LOVE it!! Smart.

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Pretty! :grinning:

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Oooooo, cool! Now I want one!

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This is soooo awesome!

This is truly… the best Apple Pencil case you have ever made.


Gives me an 80s sort of vibe. Maybe it’s the colors mixed with the logo, or the delorian style opening, but I like it!

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Very cool!

Well done!

Where can I get the design from (Etsy…) ? Would love to make this for a friend